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Current User Base of WebTigerJython

WebTigerJython has built a solid user base over the past few years. We briefly present a few numbers.

The browser-based version of TigerJython is actively used in several countries. Over 19000 students program each month in over 33000 working sessions with WebTigerJython. If, for instance, a student programs once a week, a total of four working sessions is counted for a month. A session lasts an average of 15 minutes.

Arbeits-Sessions mit WebTigerJython

The main part of the working sessions comes from Switzerland and Germany. In May 2022, 39 % of the work sessions were started from Switzerland and 41 % from Germany.

However, WebTigerJython is also used within many other countries: 7 % of the work sessions came from Austria, 4 % from Belgium, and 3 % from Turkey.

We are therefore happy to report that WebTigerJython is being used steadily. In addition, many students use the desktop version of TigerJython, so that the whole user base is quite a bit larger than the above mentioned numbers.