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New Schoolbook

A new schoolbook for grades 10 to 12 uses TigerJython.

This month, a new schoolbook for Swiss secondary schools appeared, which introduces programming using TigerJython. The book was published by Klett and Balmer, which generously supports TigerJython for years. Among the authors are many TJ Group members.

We are particularly happy that many of the didactic principles which TigerJython is based on, such as the Turtle of repeat loops are used. The book starts at the very beginning, introduces programming concepts such as loops, branching, and dynamic data structures, studies different types of expressions, and is devoted to robotics in the last chapters of the book.

The content is complemented by additional online material.

Grundlagen der Informatik für Schweizer Maturitätsschulen

The book is the first from a currently created series “Grundlagen der Informatik für Schweizer Maturitätsschulen.”

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